Vampire: The Masquerade Game Gear

Officially licensed Vampire gaming gear from Dogmight

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Keep Your Secrets

Dog Might Games, the makers of amazing custom Gaming Gear, have partnered with White Wolf to produce officially licensed products to ensure you attend your next Elysium in proper style. This beautifully crafted Storyteller screen helps you conceal your story plots and plans from the players in true vampire style.

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Vampire Clan Dice Sheaths

Organize your Kindred gear in our official Vampire Sheath. Each Vampire Sheath is sized to fit over 20 dice as well as pens and pencils, everything you need for your hunt.

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Night vs. Blood

The 'Night' Vampire Sheath is crafted out of the most sinister of woods, Wenge, and is inlaid with solid Maple in your choice of official Clan Symbol. The 'Blood' Vampire Sheath is crafted out of gorgeous Red Heart and inlaid with solid Maple hardwood in your choice of Clan Symbol.