Vampire: The Masquerade Color Moodboards


Last month, our Community Developer, Outstar, asked our community for any things related to Vampire: The Masquerade they would like to see that no-one else has asked about. We expected to see many inspiring ideas, a sneak peek into your wants and needs, some of which may (eventually) come to life. And when we saw ideas we could act upon immediately, we hid them under some of our Month of Darkness calendar circles.

Unfortunately, we cannot yet give you a giant vampire, nor a line of soups. Maybe one day. Instead, we made  Vampire: The Masquerade Lo-Fi  come to (un)life, and thanks to the idea from community member Rica, today we’re bringing you Vampire: The Masquerade Clan Color Moodboards!

These palettes were made in cooperation with our Brand Art Director, Tomas Arfert. They don’t necessarily represent every single vampire of each clan – there’s nothing stopping your Ventrue from having true emerald energy, or your Brujah from wearing only blue! – instead, treat them more as moodboards to inspire you in your character creation, artworks or Storytellers Vault supplements.

If you want to create your own palettes and share them with community – maybe make alternative versions of ours, or a palette for your own character or domain! – we recommend, a tool that helped us immensely in preparing the moodboards below.


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