Vamily Matters – Jason Carl about LA by Night Season 5


There is a very old proverb that says, All good things must come to an end.

Vamily, we have journeyed long and far into the night together with this coterie, and soon their story draws to its close, as all good stories must. 

LA by Night Season 5 is the final season in this chronicle. In this last act of the narrative, some strands of plot that have long been unresolved are drawn together; some matters that have seemed mysterious are now explained. 

And some are not. Not every question needs an answer, not every situation achieves closure. Some mysteries will remain unsolved, perhaps to be explored in future stories with these characters. Maybe these stories will appear in different ways or through different mediums, but their secrets will get out, eventually–because secrets always do. 

We will be grateful, eternally, to you all for the support, kindness, and encouragement you have given so generously to the cast and crew of this chronicle, and we hope that you will also join us for what comes next. What will that be? We will share it with you happily when the time is right! 

For now, please join us for this last arc in the story. Next Tuesday, we will reveal the start date of this season. There are 9 episodes, which we recorded last month. I’ve titled this season “Secrets and Consequences” for a reason; trust us, you are not ready.

Episodes will stream first on our Twitch channel, and the cast will be in the chat with you to share the impact of what is coming. Then we will upload episodes to our YouTube channel as quickly as we can.

When the season starts, I invite you to turn down the lights, turn up the volume, get comfortable, make a note, and together we will tell this particular Vampire story one more time. 

–  Jason Carl 

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