The Orpheus Device is out now!


Immerse yourself in Wraith: The Oblivion story with a free, voice-activated game, featuring multiple paths and endings, written by Richard Dansky (original Wraith: The Oblivion developer) and designed by Dave Grossman (LucasArts, Telltale Games).

The Martens are a tragic case. A suffering family, bound together by bitterness, resentment, and spite. Their restless spirits lurk in the house they inhabited years ago, when they were alive. They don’t communicate well with each other, but you, using stolen credentials to access a machine called The Orpheus Device, can speak with each of them. In this interactive exploratory story, you can explore the secrets the Martens took to their graves, learn how they died, and examine what forces still hold them. And then, just maybe, you can help.

How to play?

The Orpheus Device is available to play for free on all Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers, as well as in the Earplay iOS App.

For smart speakers, just say the following:

  • “Alexa, start The Orpheus Device”
  • “Hey Google, talk to The Orpheus Device”

For mobile devices:

  • On iOS, download the Earplay App. It will be in your stories library.
  • On Android, download the Alexa App Press the Alexa button and say “Start The Orpheus Device”.
  • (Without Story Saving) On Android, invoke Google Assistant and say “Talk to The Orpheus Device”.

Note that you can play the story on Android with Google Assistant, but if so your place will not be saved when you exit the session. Playing a new session will start the story over at the beginning each time. You will receive this notification if you use Google Assistant on Android. Google Assistant on all other surfaces (Home, Mini, Hub, Hub Max) will save your place perfectly fine.

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