The Month of Darkness 2022 begins now!


What is Month of Darkness? Think advent calendar, but World of Darkness-themed, counting days until Halloween with a sweet surprise every single day. It’s a full month of celebrating World of Darkness by giving back to the community for your support, enthusiasm and creativity. News, reveals, events, fun activities to participate in, some things many community members have been waiting for, and others that may surprise you – every day in October, we will share something new with you using our special Calendar prepared for this occasion.

We begin by continuing our Vamptober tradition, but this year, we expand it with an additional set of prompts – the Huntober – to include Hunter: The Reckoning fans and general monster hunting enthusiasts! These prompts are our invitation to share your creativity. You can participate in any way you find fitting, from sketching or painting, writing prose or poems, 3d modeling and cosplaying, to TikToking or posting pictures on Instagram. Make sure to tag your posts with #vamptober or #huntober so we can find you – we will be featuring community creations during World of Darkness News streams and on our social media!  We’ve also opened dedicated channels on our Discord server to see what other community members are cooking…

We will be sharing more video prompts on our TikTok account, celebrating its 100,000 followers – thank you, Vamily!

If you’re interested in longer video formats, we invite you to celebrate the Month of Darkness with us by watching our channels on Twitch and YouTube. Our October’s schedule is busy – with New York By Night Season 2, Club Auspex, World of Darkness News and a brand new actual play, Hunter Garage.

Check Month of Darkness page every day in October to see all Vampire: The Masquerade, Hunter: The Reckoning and Werewolf: The Apocalypse reveals!

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