The Month of Darkness


It’s the full month of celebrating World of Darkness by giving back to the community for your support, enthusiasm and passion over the years. News, reveals, events, fun activities to participate in, some things many community members have been waiting for, and others that may surprise you – every day in October, we will share something new with you using our special Calendar prepared for this occasion.

And we’re starting today with not one, but two things requested by our community – Vamptober launch and Storyteller’s Vault update.

Vamptober is our invitation to share your art. You may remember last year’s celebrations of then-called “VTMtober” – the name was a mouthful, but Vampire: The Masquerade fans enjoyed it nonetheless, participating by posting their creative works throughout the whole month based on the prompts we prepared.

This year, we have new prompts for you – and you can participate in any creative way you find fitting, from sketching or painting, writing prose or poems, to TikToking or posting pictures on instagram! Remember to use hashtag #Vamptober to allow us to find your works. As usual, we will reach out to chosen creators and share their creations with our audience on our social media and Vamily Spotlight part of the weekly World of Darkness News stream.

Next, we would like to give you an update on Storyteller’s Vault! This is the place where our community can create, share and sell their World of Darkness creations, from self-made sourcebooks, homebrews, stories and more. This month, Storyteller’s Vault is opening to Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition (V5) – which means that you can publish your V5 materials there starting from October 15th.

To give you a headstart in your creative processes, we’ve prepared V5 layouts for you to download – they are available right here! We’re looking forward to seeing your V5 creations!

This month, we will also share a brand new V5 Art Pack to use in your Storyteller’s Vault creations, containing over 100+ official artworks related to Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition.

Last but not least – we know you’re waiting for more video game updates! We’re happy to share the brand new Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong trailer with you.

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