The Dark Pack Community server launch


Our Dark Pack Community Discord server is now open for all community members who create content under Dark Pack Agreement or Storytellers Vault guidelines. We welcome all World of Darkness Youtubers, Twitch streamers, TikTokers, fan artists, fan-fiction writers, live chronicle players and storytellers, Discord server owners, Storytellers Vault writers and artists, and more – as long as your work falls under our officially sanctioned fan content guidelines, or you’re planning to join the Dark Pack or Storytellers Vault soon, you’re in the right place!

We set up a simple verification system – upon joining our server, please fill in the pinned survey in #entry-survey channel and wait for the manual verification. There’s also a way in if you’re not a creator yet, but plan to join the fun in the future – simply let us know through the survey what kind of content creation interests you the most. We hope to offer you inspiration and support on the way!

What are the benefits of joining the Dark Pack Community?

  • Get in instant touch with us. Ask questions, submit feedback, promote your work!
  • Meet other community creators. Collaborate, find people for your projects, exchange the know-how
  • Download official and unofficial free materials to use in your creations. We will gradually expand the library of free assets shared with the members!
  • Get the latest news paired with promotional assets to use on your channels

As you can see, we also updated the Dark Pack logo – new versions are available to download here.

Get creative together with our community and join us now via Discord!

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