Pride store is now open!


Happy Pride, Vamily! Whether you’re a newly Embraced fledgling or a known participant of our #pride-the-chattening never-ending party, our partners at By Night Studios prepared something special for you. This year, their vast Pride store introduces the long awaited Sabbat symbol, together with other clans and sects – all available in 12 flag colors. Whether you want to sport an agender Ministry hoodie or wrap yourself in a non-binary Lasombra blanket, the store has something for you!

20% of all proceeds go to support the Trevor Project’s life-saving mission.

By Night Studios has also began a brand new “Hello I am” series of short articles uplifting queer voices from World of Darkness community. The first one, by Gaia Fiorenza (writer for The Waning Crescent and War of Ages) can be read here.

We wish you all an excellent month, and if you’re celebrating Pride in any way connected with World of Darkness and our settings (maybe a Vampire: The Masquerade actual play with LGBTQ+ characters, or a fan-art of your OC?), make sure to tag your creation with #Vamily hashtag on social media – this way, we can feature you on Vamily Spotlight during our weekly News stream!

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