Vampire: The Masquerade Players Guide and more available in pre-order now!


Vampire: Masquerade Players Guide, the indispensable companion to the Vampire core rulebook, releases in June 2023! Together, these two books contain everything a new or experienced player needs to create Kindred characters and enjoy their own chronicle of personal and political horror.

The Players Guide:

  • Revisits all aspects of character and coterie creation, and includes streamlined guidance for new or experienced players.
  • Consolidates profiles for 7 Kindred clans not included in the core Vampire: The Masquerade rulebook: Banu Haqim, Hecata, Lasombra, The Ministry, Ravnos, Salubri, and Tzimisce, along with their with their Discipline powers, including Oblivion and its Ceremonies
  • Contains curated and re-visited Discipline powers, Blood Sorcery rituals, and Thin-Blood Alchemy formulae from previously published sourcebooks, and includes over 40 new additions.
  • Collects two additional predator types and four new ones: Grim Reaper, Montero, Pursuer, and Trapdoor.
  • Presents new systems and advantages for coteries, including clan coterie merits for each clan plus the Caitiff and Thin Bloods.
  • Offers alternate Clan Banes for every clan.
  • Gives guidelines and advice for non-traditional chronicles, including: all Thin-blood, troupe-style, streaming and online play, and chronicles without a Storyteller.
  • Provides revised guidance for Touchstones, Memoriam, and Projects.
  • Revises and clarifies several rules and rules systems for Kindred characters

You can pre-order Players Guide here to receive a free PDF with your order!

For Hunter: The Reckoning players, we’re happy to announce the first sourcebook for 5th Edition – Lines Drawn in Blood is a collection of four stories that can be played separately or formed together in a longer chronicle:

  • Pressure Test: Ghostly incursions are far more than the weight of individual sorrow.
  • Outsiders: The residents of a small town break an ancient pact and pay the price.
  • Blur the Lines: Occult symbols at a murder scene drag Hunters into a race against time.
  • Alone in the Dark: Far from city lights, a nest of monsters pull the strings of a lonely northern town.

Pre-order Hunter: The Reckoning – Lines Drawn in Blood here and receive a free PDF with your order, similarly to Players Guide!

Additionally, for Hunter storytellers, we recommend the brand new Storyteller Screen Kit and Premium Token Pack to manage your chronicle in a stylish way.

We also have great news for Vampire: The Masquerade – Rivals fans – clans Salubri and Banu Haqim are joining the game with dedicated decks included in new Justice & Mercy expansion! The Banu Haqim are judges and lawbringers with both martial and sorcerous tools at their disposal. The Salubri are a clan on the run, simply trying to survive – alone if necessary. Rarest of all the clans, their mending abilities are second to none. You may play these two clans head-to-head or integrate them with your other clans to create new strategies.

Pre-order Justice & Mercy expansion here!

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