Night falls on New York City


New Chronicle, New City

Whether you’re already a fan of LA by Night or just discovering Vampire actual plays, the series is a great starting point for fresh undead drama. 

New York By Night follows two coteries of young vampires as they struggle to find their place amid the dark schemes of New York City’s undead underworld. Season one represents the Anarch story, focusing on a group of four Kindred who are fed up with living under the Camarilla’s strict rules.

Season two, airing later this year, brings us the Camarilla coterie and its focus on maintaining both the Masquerade and the faction’s grip on power in the city. 

Both the Anarch and Camarilla coteries begin their story separately but are on a collision course through a parallel narrative in season three, an innovation from the team that pioneered L.A. by Night

This chronicle takes place in the same continuity as LA by Night,” said Jason Carl, the Storyteller and host of the show. And if you have played Coteries of New York and Shadows of New York you might recognize some familiar names and faces as the chronicle takes place in the time immediately between the events of these two narrative experiences.”

Meet the Anarchs

New York By Night Season 1 features both veteran World of Darkness cast in new roles and newcomers to the Vampire: The Masquerade story world. The Anarch cast lineup for season one includes:

  • Alexander Ward as Isaac Brooke: A Tzimisce gangster seeking to understand himself, Isaac is building a criminal network to advance his clandestine plans..
  • Mayanna Beren as Serif: Dealing with a difficult and dangerous past, Serif is a Ravnos tagger looking for artistic freedom.
  • Aabria Iyengar as Margot “Fuego” Walker: Margot is a Ventrue intent on protecting her neighborhood from enemies both living and undead.
  • Joey Rassool as Reyes Malcolm: Attempting to return to the life he lost, Reyes is a Gangrel who finds himself in conflict with everybody.
  • Jason Carl as the Storyteller: The host and creator of L.A. By Night returns to the role of Storyteller in this new series.

More information about Seasons 2 and 3, including cast and story details, will be revealed closer to its debut. And of course viewers can expect special guests to appear throughout the chronicle. 

How To Watch 

NY by Night broadcasts free on the World of Darkness Twitch channel Friday nights at 7 PM Pacific.

Subscribers who miss the live broadcast can watch the VOD on the World of Darkness Twitch Channel. Twitch subscribers unlock exclusive rewards, including VOD access, custom emojis, and more.

The show will also get a YouTube premiere each Monday at 8 PM Central European Time / 11 AM Pacific on the World of Darkness YouTube channel, starting July 4th. 


There’s even more World of Darkness streaming content on the way in our various channels. Still to come: 

  • Hunter’s Garage: A liveplay series set in the Hunter: The Reckoning setting. This show also marks the Storyteller debut for Martyna “Outstar” Zych, the Community Developer for World of Darkness.
  • Club Auspex, a New York By Night Talk Show: Airing weekly, this show features story analysis and interviews with New York By Night cast.
  • Bet of Night: A call-in radio streamcast drama that sheds light on some of the shadows in World of Darkness, by our Community Ambassador Huddy.
  • Vampire Vogue: A community-focused Kindred, aka Vampire, fashion and cosplay talk show hosted by New York by Night cast.
  • World of Darkness News: The weekly news show discussing the latest events, games, and products across the World of Darkness continues throughout 2022. The show also features interviews from World of Darkness developers and studio partners.
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