Hunter 5th coming to Storytellers Vault


The Hunt has begun! After opening Storytellers Vault to Vampire: The Masquerade – 5th Edition last year, it’s time for yet another update – starting from November 14th, fans can publish their own Hunter: The Reckoning – 5th Edition supplements, novels, character sheets, homebrew and other TTRPG content in the online store. Share your works for free or set the price to gain revenue from it, with selected works getting featured in our weekly Vamily Spotlight on Twitch and on our social media.

For inspiration, we recommend our Huntober prompts, and if you joined this year’s challenge in any form, keep in mind you can share or sell these works next month using Storytellers Vault!

Additionally, we’ve seen many requests from our creative community to introduce fictional settings (cities and towns to set your stories in) to the Vault. We’re happy to announce that starting from today, we allow fictional settings across all splats, as long as they’re a product of your imagination. We ask not to use Gotham or Silent Hill in your works, but if you came up with your own fictional town or city to set a chronicle in, Storytellers Vault now allows you to feature it in your supplements and homebrews.

Happy writing!

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